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ProServ has a unique opportunity to help transform business through the management of their daily technology services. With decades of service experience, a real-world understanding of business, and a comprehensive expertise in biz-tech. ProServ is the perfect solution for business to optimize their information lifescycle.


From network architecture to machine end-of-life disposal, ProServ has the team and experts to manage all of your organization technology service needs.



ProServ carries a full selection of enterprise and business class network devices, desktop hardware, printers and software solutions to make your business operate at its highest levels



ProServ offers multifunctional devices that combine print, copy, scan and fax functions in both black & white or color to meet any organizational need.


The foundation of the Information Lifecycle is the Strategic Technology Plan. Working closely with your team, we will fully assess your existing environment and determine the fundamental requirements for the health and success of your technology and communication infrastructure.

Your infrastructure and network design is the backbone of efficiency and productivity for the entire team. It is critical that every touchpoint is considered, each process scrutinized and every device accounted for. Your design must be scalable to meet the needs of the team today and into the future.

Service is in our name. Nothing more important than serving our clients consistently and beyond expectation. The ProServ Service Desk is always in real-time, often resolving issues before they become a problem. The Service Desk provides the support your team needs to remain efficient and productive.

In today’s high-touch landscape, there is no margin for device latency or downtime. Your team should be empowered by your device infrastructure, not bound by it. ProServ’s Desktop Support team is with you to make sure all of your devices run efficiently, so your team can focus on what matters most to your bottom line.

You could say the print world was our fist language, and we’ve stayed true to our roots. We offer full scale print service management including remote monitoring, fleet optimization, device and access control, consolidation and even supply replenishment. In short, we make printing and management easy.

Your business runs on devices and the data they generate. The safety, efficacy, and accuracy of your data is fundamental to the health of your Information Lifecycle. ProServ is committed to helping you protect, prioritize and properly store your data for those unexpected disasters, and your long-range future.

Now more than ever, business must be flexible and adapt to the changing landscape of office space needs. Your team should be able to seamlessly migrate from on-ground to on-line with no interruptions in collaboration, productivity and efficiency. ProServ will help you centralize your efforts, and keep your entire team working from anywhere.

We know how important your data and privacy are. So when it’s time to dispose of a device we make sure to give it the attention it deserves. Whether we are doing a total technology refresh or simply transitioning out a single machine our approach is the same – Secure removal and total data cleanse

Our People. Our Promise.

With ProServ, the partnership begins with our discovery process, “DocuPro.” Our Technology Specialists work with you to develop a strategic plan that is designed to save you time and money!

Ready to get the help you need today

We are ready to help you simplify your communication technology.