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Our Story

Our journey was birthed from a single aspiration – care for people.

And while this principle originated with our founder, it’s the life force that continues to power the organization today. It’s our oxygen and why we spend every day thinking about how we can better serve others.

We know that the technology landscape will never stop changing, and neither will our passion for helping others with what comes next. 

After all, service is in our name.

The "ah ha" Moment

It will always be about Connectivity

How does a copier company become a biz-tech powerhouse? Put simply, we couldn’t stand by and watch our partners struggle to get products connected and working.

So we rolled up our sleeves and began working upstream – connecting systems. From power and cabling to operating systems and servers; our client’s pain points became our most exciting opportunities. And what started as connecting gear transitioned to something much bigger – connecting people.

That’s the real ProServ business. Connecting people to what they need, when they need it most wherever they are. 

Since 1988

the timeline that matters most

When you’ve been in the game as long as we have, you get to see a few things. For over three decades we’ve helped our partners keep pace through major technology evolutions – from black & white to color… from analog to digital… from physical to virtual.

Through it all, our relationships have remained constant. We tend to measure client tenure in decades around here. And honestly, those are the timelines that matter the most to us.

Whats next

We refuse to change

They say change is inevitable. We’ve seen brands come and go, products evolve, and new technologies emerge. This lifecycle is certain to continue.

We are excited for the changes to come because we see every change as an opportunity to help others. For us, the changes are easy to adopt as our focus is always on people and not products.

Amidst all the shifts and turns, we will remain resolute in our identity, refusing to change one thing. The aspiration that got us to where we are today – care for people.