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Your team should be empowered by your device infrastructure, not bound by it.



Our process provides us with a systematic approach to solving our clients most difficult technology problems. Each phase provides a strategic step forward along the journey, ensure nothing is missed and all expectation are aligned.

To learn about each phase, click the tabs below.

We begin with a comprehensive discovery process that sets the foundation for our engagement. We will glean direction from our interview process which includes a three pronged analysis focused in the following areas:

  • Physical Infrastructure Assessment
  • Network and Threat Assessment
  • Financial Feasibility Study

The end result is a Strategic Technology plan that plots our path forward and establishes the parameters for the partnership to come.

In the design phase the Strategic Technology Plan is presented. The plan charts our course from end to end and includes many planning assets including:

  • A comprehensive network map
  • An all encompassing equipment list
  • The execution plan outlining the project steps
  • Equipment optimization opportunities
  • A structure and uniformity approach
  • An equipment lifecycle plan

Through our collaborative process we will refine these materials until the fit is perfectly aligned.

The implement phase marks the start of the plan in action. Put simply this is where we build the solution out. In this phase you can expect:

  • Equipment ordering
  • Facility preparation
  • Cabling and power runs
  • Equipment installation & Configuration
  • Systems optimizations & testing
  • Personnel training

The phase concludes with an optimized systems infrastructure powering your business in new and innovative ways.

Assessment is critical with any strategy and that’s why our monitor phase begins immediately following installation completion. Our Service Desk team serves as the heartbeat as they are the primary line of defense, often identifying and solving issues before they ever arise. This phase includes:

  • Remote monitoring activities
  • Monthly reporting services
  • Risk analysis & threat suppression
  • On call and in person support as needed

The goal of this phase is to teach and analyze performance against agreed-upon metrics, and to provide new ideas and enhancements as opportunities arise. For us this recommendation phase never really starts or stops…its ongoing. And we don’t wait until the end of a phase or process to provide this information. We find it much more valuable for our partnership when we provide these strategic thoughts in realtime.


Enhance your productivity and work flow.

We work with you as an extension of your team to enhance your productivity and work flow. Our initial discovery session helps us to see how we can best support you and then we join your team to implement and monitor system hardware and software in real time.

Project Services

Leadership across the technology landscape.

Regardless of the engagement, our project leads have the knowledge and expertise to guide the journey ahead. They will shoulder the management responsibilities so that you don’t have to. Our goal is to be an extension of your staff, seamlessly integrating within your workflows and adding value when and where you need it.