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End of Life Disposal


We know how important your data and privacy are. So when it’s time to dispose of a device we ensure a secure removal and total data cleanse.


When it’s time to retire a device, it’s crucial to ensure a safe removal from your infrastructure. ProServ’s End-of-Life Disposal ensures your data remains private and safely cared for through the transition. This approach ensures your organization has accurate inventory, asset management and depreciation. Most importantly it mitigates all risks that sensitive information could be unknowingly shared.

Hardware Lifecycle Planning

Bringing new technology online, or taking old technology offline should never be a surprise. At ProServ we help you create lifecycle plans that outline investment strategy and asset roll-off. This ensures optimal efficiencies for your team and predictable timing for your budget.

Data Security & Risk Mitigation

The ProServ team is ready when it's time to decommission hardware. Our techs will safely remove the devices from your network, wipe the data and dispose of the hardware. Our process is environmentally friendly and meets department of defense standards.

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