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Why It’s Time to Leverage an MSP (Managed Service Provider)

When it comes to small and medium-sized companies, you’d be hard-pressed to find an organization with enough resources to handle every facet of modern business. This is particularly true for IT tasks. Managed services are there to fill in the gap and introduce expert support for everything a company can’t handle properly on its own.
An MSP (managed service provider) offers essential services and ensures their seamless implementation. The traditional role of MSPs is in IT, although managed services aren’t limited to that area. However, IT is still among the most important business aspects in the modern market that keeps pivoting toward the digital environment.
Understanding the function and role of MSPs is crucial for proper implementation. This article will provide key information about MSPs and explain why they’re highly beneficial for businesses of all sizes.

MSP (Managed Service Provider) Explained

Essentially, MSPs work with companies as their strategic partners. As the name implies, they provide managed services and ensure continuous business operations across all critical areas.
The MSP (managed service provider) aims for maximum efficiency in the operations they cover. For that reason, managed services are handled by experts in their respective fields. Plus, the provider supplies the latest technological solutions that enable the service to engage in every aspect of IT without fault.
In terms of IT support, MSPs offer a complete suite of solutions, from basic setups to advanced services. Some of the vital fields handled by the MSP (managed service provider) include:
• Infrastructure installation
Cybersecurity technologies
• Network management
• Data handling, storage, backup, and transfer
• Remote monitoring
• Cloud services

How You Benefit From an MSP (Managed Service Provider)

Some clients may presume that MSPs do more or less the same thing as traditional break-fix services: When an issue or error appears, the service reacts to fix it as soon as possible. However, managed services assume a much more proactive role.
Due to constant monitoring, the MSP (managed service provider) doesn’t allow for problems to occur. In many cases, the service will become aware of potential downsides before any malfunctions appear in the system. Then, the MSP will ensure proper solutions are implemented to prevent and remedy detected weak spots.
The proactive approach contributes to the business employing the managed service in several ways.
1. Lower Expenses
An MSP can have a massive positive impact on your company’s financials. This is due to two factors: reducing unnecessary expenses and avoiding costly interventions.
In terms of reducing IT-related costs, the MSP allows the company to avoid the expensive process of training an in-house IT team. There’s also no need for the organization to acquire advanced tech tools to deal with IT issues. Instead, the business can have all those concerns addressed by hiring a professional MSP (managed service provider).
Managed services are usually subscription-based. The monthly or annual fee covers all system monitoring, maintenance, and any repairs when they’re needed. This model makes the expenses more predictable, especially since it reduces the risk of malfunction-induced sudden costs.
Even better, the subscription may cover repair jobs of a considerable scope which could otherwise create a serious dent in the company’s budget.
2. Minimized Downtime
Businesses of all sizes can suffer significant setbacks in operations due to downtime. A mere minute of disruption may cost the company up to a staggering $9,000. Even the smallest businesses can lose over $400 per minute of downtime.
When we take into account that power supply or server issues can take hours to resolve, it becomes understandable why downtime is such a massive problem for businesses. Worse yet, company operations can get disrupted by other factors such as human error and cyberattacks.
An MSP (managed service provider) can cover every facet of IT that could cause downtime. From introducing safeguards and cybersecurity measures to implementing system redundancies, managed services can keep the business operational longer and keep the disruptions as brief as possible.
3. Access to Industry Experts
Assembling an in-house IT team that actually works can come with a plethora of headaches. Firstly, hiring and training proficient team members will represent a considerable cost in time and money. Secondly, you’ll need to supply all of the tools the team needs to stay on top of the requirements.
Thirdly, and arguably most importantly, there’s no guarantee that your in-house team will be as efficient as you need it to be when push comes to shove.
All these issues disappear with an MSP (managed service provider). The service enables proven experts in their respective areas to integrate seamlessly into your business’s ecosystem. The specialists will have the appropriate skillsets, knowledge, and tools to remove risks, repair malfunctions, and maintain your system at an operational level.
4. Scalability
When a business sets up its own IT team, planning for growth usually doesn’t come into the equation. The initial IT teams tend to be smaller and equipped with the bare necessities. At first, this setup might be enough to patch immediate issues, but the team will hardly stay efficient as the company grows.
Since the in-house team doesn’t scale with the business, the company’s needs can quickly surpass the team’s abilities. Then, it may become necessary to expand the team, which comes with all of the problems involved in hiring a specialized workforce.
An MSP (managed service provider) offers a more flexible approach where the service can be tailored to your organization. As the business grows, the MSP can follow suit, expanding its offering to address structural changes.

Hire the Right MSP for Your Missouri Business

A quality MSP (managed service provider) is the answer to most IT-related issues that a business might encounter. The provider can set up key systems and maintain them continually, providing substantial benefits to the organization as a whole. At the same time, the service can minimize the negative impact that comes with poorly implemented tech solutions.
If you’re looking for a reliable and professional MSP for your St. Joseph or Kansas City business, ProServ should be your provider of choice. You can contact ProServ today and find out how we can implement the most powerful, affordable solutions for your organization.


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